Courgette Chocolate Cake

I tried this cake out on my niece and nephew who scoffed it down with delight. They had no idea the cake was packed with courgettes. It’s hard to believe there are courgettes inside this cake – they magically disappear. This can be baked to form a sponge cake texture, or taken out of the […]

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What’s lurking on your bathroom shelf?

Forget unclean toilets, hair in the sink and leaving the lid off the toothpaste, there are other factors to consider when in the bathroom. When was the last time you read the labels on your toothpaste, shampoo and soap? If you care about a healthy lifestyle, you may be taking steps to consider what you […]

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Is your food alive? Why eating raw is good for you

Eating living foods is good for us. That doesn’t mean chasing Daisy the cow around the field so you can eat her, it refers to getting as many fresh, unprocessed, mainly raw, foods into your diet. So what makes a food “alive”? One word. Enzymes. They are catalysts for every chemical reaction in the body. Without them, […]

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Beat the blues with bananas

Do you often feel sad, de-motivated or have mood swings? You may need to start eating more of the right type of foods to support your brain chemistry. Mood foods provide the body with the nutrients it needs to enhance your feel-good neurotransmitters. When you are low in brain chemicals, you may begin to crave […]

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“I had a consultation with Jo during a detox trip to Koh Samui in Thailand in summer 2008. Like a lot of guests, a lifestyle mix of rich food, booze, stress and inconsistent sleep had left me feeling fatigued, experiencing digestive problems and generally not at my best. I was determined to get my health […]

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