Can you eat 10 a day?

According to the latest study from Imperial College London, we should be consuming ten portions of fruit and veg per day, and that upping our intake could prevent almost 8 million deaths worldwide per year. It’s estimated that 80% of people are not managing to eat their 5-a-day, so if you’re wondering how you can […]

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What is wellness?

Most people decide to see a health practitioner, such as a nutritional therapist, when they are unwell. Often this is a last resort, because their doctor has been unsuccessful in treating their health issues, so they decide to take a different approach. Many people’s concept of health care, is that they seek professional help when […]

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What’s the skinny on fat?

Forget how much you weigh, it’s your body composition that counts. Looking at your fat and lean muscle mass is the best way of defining how “in shape” you actually are. It’s a common assumption that people who are thin are healthier. This is a myth. At a seemingly healthy weight, you may in fact […]

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Fun and frolics to boost your immune system

We all know that stress is detrimental to our wellbeing and plays a significant role in ill health. If stress depletes our health and vitality, it makes sense to say that fun, laughter and enjoying life are crucial for boosting our health, in particular increasing immune function and protecting us against infection. Here are 6 […]

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What’s lurking on your bathroom shelf?

Forget unclean toilets, hair in the sink and leaving the lid off the toothpaste, there are other factors to consider when in the bathroom. When was the last time you read the labels on your toothpaste, shampoo and soap? If you care about a healthy lifestyle, you may be taking steps to consider what you […]

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Go Sober For October – 5 Tips and Health Benefits

If you’re taking the plunge this October and going sober, why not fully commit to a month of health and pampering? Many of us struggle with health complaints, excess weight, poor quality sleep and generally don’t take the time to look after ourselves properly. Make Go Sober For October the health kick you’ve been dreaming […]

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