August 11, 2008

Personal Nutrition Consultation

Are you ready to take the path to better health?

The first appointment lasts up to 90 minutes for face-to-face sessions, during which a detailed case history is taken.

Skype/online sessions will be slightly shorter from 45-60 minutes as Jo will then need to compile and email you a personalised nutrition plan as part of the cost.

You will be asked about your current health, previous medical history, stress levels, energy and sleep patterns, as well as your diet and lifestyle. You will be emailed a pre-consultation questionnaire to bring with you (or email back to us for online consultations).

Personal treatment plan

You will leave the consultation with a tailor-made plan. No two people are the same. The plan is worked out with your own priorities and abilities in mind, to fit in with your lifestyle.

Nutritional therapy is not about forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do, but rather guiding you to a place of understanding, and motivating you to make healthier choices based upon your current needs.

Whatever you need, we’ll tailor a plan for you

You may be looking for sustainable weight loss, fertility advice, improved digestion, clearer skin, balanced hormones, or you may be wishing to address a specific health issue, such as IBS, PCOS, high cholesterol, or you may simply desire more energy and vitality and to learn about optimum nutrition. Whatever your requirements, we’ll tailor a plan for you.

How many appointments will I need?

Usually you will be asked to come back four weeks after the initial consultation so that your progress can be monitored and any changes put into place. Sometimes a treatment plan may need to be achieved in segments over a certain period of time, for example, four visits in a year. It really depends upon your health concern and what we are aiming to achieve.

Supplements and Tests

It may be suggested that you take some quality supplements for a specified period of time to re-balance the body. Only high quality supplements are recommended in order to affect change and to achieve the desired outcome. Your financial situation is always taken into account.

Sometimes tests may be required for further investigations, e,g. food intolerance testing, stool testing or hair mineral analysis. All tests are optional, and again, your budget will always be considered.


Jo is currently practising in Brighton & Hove at Revitalise, 86 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2EB.


60GBP for the initial consultation, 45GBP for follow-ups. If you have a discount code, please quote it when booking.

Jo offers a free 10 minute telephone chat before booking to discuss your requirements.

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