Magical Raw Nori Rolls

These nori rolls are magical because you can roll anything you like into them. They are very delicious and everybody loves them. They seem rather impressive but in fact are very easy to make.



– Nori roll sheets

– A healthy spread of your choice – vegetable pate, nut pate, hummus, tahini, broad bean dip, guacamole – choose something you like!

– A selection of vegetables, cut very small and thin. Carrots, mushroom, peppers, courgette, avocado, cress, some sprouts etc

– Finely sliced pieces of ginger

– A little chopped lettuce of your choice. Lamb’s Lettuce or rocket would be good choices


  • Place the nori roll sheet shiny side down.
  • Spread the vegetable paste, such as hummus, onto the bottom section of the sheet. Leave a little gap right at the bottom and at the edges.
  • Start placing the vegetables of your choice onto the section containing the spread. Make it neat and place the pieces horizontally.
  • Finish off with the fresh ginger and lettuce. Now you are ready to roll.
  • If you have a sushi rolling mat, you can use that. Otherwise, just roll the sheet as tight as you can. It’s just like rolling a cigarette if you have ever done that!
  • Roll it as tight as you can without breaking it. Brush some water on the top side so that you can seal the roll.
  • Cut into sushi-sized pieces and enjoy!


Article by Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT, nutritionist and founder of awakening health.


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