New year new you? 9 ways to love your liver

It’s not only your bank balance that may have suffered this Christmas, but your liver too. Christmas is a time of year when it’s hard to say no to indulgence, party invites and “just one more mince pie” and before long the little extras have built up, making you feel less than ready for the New Year ahead

Unfortunately, making resolutions after the festive season can bring more upset than joy, so be gentle on yourself with some easy detox tips to get you feeling healthy. An efficient liver function is crucial to health, and to support this process, it is vital that many key nutrients are included in the diet.

Love your liver. 9 tips for a cleaner you:

1. Get your 5-A-Day – fresh fruits and vegetables provide nutrients essential for detoxification

2. Make your plate a rainbow – different colours of fruits and vegetables ensure a variety of antioxidants

3. Stay hydrated2l of pure water daily minimum

4. Keep things simple – cut down or avoid red meats, animal fats, sugars, refined foods, caffeine, stimulants and alcohol. They burden the system and over-work the liver

5. Eat your greens – cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, contain idole-3-carbinol needed for effective metabolic clearance of toxins

6. Minimize your chemical load – opt for organic, unrefined foods to avoid chemical pesticides and additives and switch to *natural skin and body care products

7. Nourish your liver – eat a variety of whole grains, unrefined carbohydrates, raw nuts and seeds and quality, lean protein such as organic chicken and fish to provide nutrients your liver needs

8. Relax – the body cannot effectively rejuvenate without proper relaxation. Set aside some quality time each day to rest and be silent. Find a yoga class or practice deep breathing techniques to encourage proper relaxation

9. Supplement – a good quality multivitamin & mineral, probiotics and the herb milk thistle will give your body the boost it needs. *Choose quality products to get results

Shiny happy people

These easy steps are simple to follow and your body will thank you for it. A gentle detoxification will result in many positive health benefits, including increased energy and vitality, clear skin, brighter eyes, weight loss and a general feeling of well-being.

Your body is constantly striving to be in a state of homeostasis – a state of balance. Everything in nature is about balance. Embracing life’s sensual pleasures is part of being here in this physical world, so relax, take stock, find your balance. Drink, eat, nourish, detoxify, be healthy, but above all, have fun with it. Encourage your body to be a grander, greater version of itself and delight in the healthy pleasures of  life. You will shine.

Article by Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT, nutritionist and founder of awakening health.


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