January 21, 2012

Eat to lose weight – enjoy delicious food & lots of it!

Many people are still stuck in the mind set that you have to eat less to lose weight. Lowering your calorie intake may help you shed those pounds in the short-term, yet they are likely to come piling back on soon after. Read on to find out how you can enjoy delicious food and lots of it, and still shed those extra inches!

Eat to lose weight

Eating little and often keeps your metabolism firing and burns fat. This means snacking every 3-4 hours on healthy, nutrient-dense foods. It’s important that you always eat breakfast as this is definitely the most important meal of the day for weight loss, as it cranks up the metabolism ready for the day ahead as well as encouraging steady blood sugar control. Skipping breakfast will result in hunger, cravings and unhealthy food choices later. Don’t miss your mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and take them with you to avoid the temptation of chocolate or crisps during the mid afternoon slump. 

Weight loss power foods

Omega 3 rich foods, such as oily fish, avocados, raw nuts and seeds. They boost the metabolism and help the body utilise insulin for steady sugar control, as well as dampening down inflammatory responses in the body (often present when overweight) and help our cellular ability to burn fat. *

Fibre-rich foods, like oats, beans, carrots and apples. Fibre fills you up and keeps you satisfied for longer. These foods take a while to break down, so release their natural sugars slowly into the bloodstream. The body has to use lots of energy to break them down, unlike refined carbohydrates and sweets that cause weight-gain and blood sugar rushes.

Water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger by the body. Stay hydrated with plenty of fresh water. Hydrated cells function at their best, resulting in efficiency of all bodily functions. Drinking lots of water will also stop you reaching out for sugary, fizzy drinks. Often the body holds onto water to dilute toxins. This will result in weight carried as water-retention. This is actually a sign of dehydration and means you need to drink more water.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. These are high in nutrients and low in calories, You can snack on these to your heart’s content. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to provide your body with what it needs to stay fit and healthy

Colourful foods. Get as many colours into your diet as possible for an antioxidant boost. Fruits and veggies give your body a spring clean aiding weight loss. Eat citrus fruits, apricots, kiwi, peaches, berries, pears, red grapes, artichokes, beetroot, peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, watercress, cucumber, sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, celery, tomato, lettuce and red cabbage for their cleansing action. *

Seaweed and seafood. They are rich in iodine to support healthy thyroid function, helping your body lose weight.

Superfoods. These give you a power boost to satisfy your cravings and provide a super hit of nutrients. Include these in your daily diet and watch your unhealthy cravings disappear. Try spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, maca, flax meal, blueberries and goji berries.

Green smoothies. They flood your body with nutrients and raw enzymes for optimum health. Get your greens in a glass. Try blending any leafy green vegetable with some soft fruits, such as a banana and a kiwi. Add water to blend. Drink down immediately as a powerful snack.

Lean protein. This supports your hormones involved in weight loss and keeps your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day. Eat lean organic chicken, fish, walnuts, almonds, raw seeds, tofu, sprouts, beans and organic yogurt


Healthy snack attack

Try these snacks to eat your way to a leaner you:

  • Apple and a handful of almonds
  • Celery spread with fresh nut butter
  • Hummus and raw veggie sticks
  • Pumpkin seed butter on rye toast
  • Organic cottage cheese and a handful of cherry tomatoes
  • Organic yogurt with blueberries and sunflower seeds
  • A handful of walnuts and almonds with a handful of dried apricots
  • Mashed avocado and raw broccoli florets

Abundance not deprivation

Losing weight and keeping it off is all about being good to yourself. Love yourself and give yourself time to adjust to a new way of eating, avoiding “diets” yet eating healthily for life, not just for a quick weight-loss-fix. Treat your body to healthy, nourishing foods not processed, empty ones. With the increased energy and vitality these natural foods bring you, you’ll feel more inspired to stay active and continue on a healthy eating path.  Your body will begin to work at its optimum and your moods will stay elevated. Take things slowly and gently and enjoy the process. Remember that every time you eat you are giving your body a message, so eat with joy and awareness and love.


Article by Jo Rowkins DipNT MBANT, nutritionist and founder of awakening health.

Jo can help you lose weight in a healthy a sustainable way either in person, or online. Send us a message to find out more.


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