Grazer or gorger. How do you eat through the day?

Grazing on healthy, nutrient-dense foods keeps your blood sugar levels even and insulin levels steady, resulting in more energy, vitality and an enhanced mental clarity and performance.

Avoid the 3pm slump

Often wondered why you reach for chocolate or biscuits at 3pm? When your blood sugar levels plummet, your hunger soars! When your hunger soars, your cravings kick in. If you eat foods during the day that are refined, like white bread, sugary cereals, pastries, white pasta or biscuits, which give you rapid sugar spikes, you’ll suffer the dreaded afternoon slump.







Benefits of grazing

  • enhanced energy
  • no cravings
  • healthy weight
  • enhanced concentration
  • stable moods

Graze for good health

Snack your way through the day with healthy, low GL foods, topping up your nutrient levels and boosting your vitality.

  • Raw nuts & seeds
  • Raw vegetable sticks
  • Celery & hummus
  • Berries
  • An apple & a handful of almonds
  • A banana & a handful of walnuts
  • Whole food lunches
  • Superfood smoothies

Be the change

Fed up with grumpy colleagues? Losing your motivation? Finding it difficult to get through a working day? Don’t underestimate the role nutrition has on your working life. Start grazing on healthy foods and see what happens… you’ll be surprised at the results.

Article by Jo Rowkins DipNT MBANT, nutritionist & founder of awakening health.

If your company is in need of nutritional consulting for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce, contact Jo for more information.

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