Go Sober For October – 5 Tips and Health Benefits

If you’re taking the plunge this October and going sober, why not fully commit to a month of health and pampering? Many of us struggle with health complaints, excess weight, poor quality sleep and generally don’t take the time to look after ourselves properly. Make Go Sober For October the health kick you’ve been dreaming of…

5 Tips For Going Sober This October

1. Kick-start a healthier lifestyle – As you’re already taking a break from alcohol, why not take it a step further and commit to looking after yourself better by making improvements to your diet and lifestyle. This will enhance your energy levels and overall wellbeing from the get-go, and ensure that you stay motivated and on track. Book in to see a nutritionist to really enhance your health and tackle any niggling health issues. Now is the ideal time.
2. Do it with a friend – You’re far more likely to be successful in your sober challenge with support, especially if it’s one of your regular drinking buddies. You can motivate each other, rather than tempting each other to a glass of wine!
3. Pamper yourself – make GoSober a real treat for your body and mind, book yourself in for some pampering. Treat yourself to a massage, facial or manicure to keep you feeling and looking tip-top. You deserve it.
4. Avoid temptation – plan activities and events that don’t revolve around booze. Never tried yoga? now’s the time. Head to the cinema with friends, instead of the pub. Plan ahead!
5. Get juicing!  – instead of alcohol, get creative with some nutritious juices and smoothies. Use GoSober as an opportunity to try out juicing, or enhance the process with a smoothie detox. Experiment with different health-boosting ingredients. And to boot you’ll be giving your immune system a boost ready for winter.

5 Health Benefits of Going Sober for October

1. Healthier food choices – Alcohol encourages sweet cravings and unhealthy food choices by upsetting your body’s blood sugar levels. Giving up alcohol for the month will help your body reset itself and bring your sugar levels back into balance.
2. Enhanced sleep and energy – Alcohol has a negative effect on your energy levels and disrupts sleep patterns. Going sober will enhance your quality of sleep and boost your energy.
3. Weight loss – Alcohol is packed with empty calories with no nutritional value. If you have weight to lose, providing you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle plan during GoSober, you can look forward to a leaner, lighter you in November.
4. Increased hydration – Alcohol is diuretic, robbing your body of water and making you dehydrated. Dehydration makes the kidneys work harder and causes toxins to build up in your body and zaps your energy too. Giving up alcohol will allow your body to feel hydrated again. You’ll notice your skin glowing by the time you get to November.
5. Finding balance – Alcohol can be addictive and you can find it hard to break the habit. Going sober will allow you to adopt a more balanced approach to your booze intake.
A healthy diet packed with nourishing foods and drinks, more exercise and some quality self-pampering is what most of us have been waiting for. Go Sober For October is the perfect chance to do just that. You’ll be helping yourself as well as supporting the MacMillan cancer charity. Get ready to meet a healthier, slimmer version of you in just a few weeks time!

Article by Jo Rowkins DipNT MBANT, nutritional therapist and founder of Awakening Health.

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