About Jo Rowkins

Jo qualified as a nutritional therapist with The College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She has many years experience consulting with clients from around the world with many different health issues.

She is qualified to understand the biochemistry of disease processes, such as hormonal imbalances, depression, arthritis, digestive complaints, and many other issues, and can therefore shed light upon foods and habits that may be hindering the healing of a particular disease, as well as suggesting specific nutrients to enhance certain biochemical processes and address biochemical imbalances.

Jo is passionate about functional and orthomolecular medicine and the profound effects they have on healing imbalances in the body.

Jo believes that finding balance is the key to abundant health and vitality. People often force themselves to make healthy choices, or get obsessed by a fad diet, without finding the balance in their lifestyles that they are actually seeking. Jo is interested in exploring many aspects to guide a client to a place of balance, connecting with the reasons behind the behaviours.

Giving yourself the gift of undivided time to consult with a nutrition and health professional allows you to shed light on your own habits, needs and health goals. 

Many things can be part of a healthy lifestyle, if used in a balanced way. No two people are the same, as the factors that make each and every one of us tick are unique. Jo enjoys being able to facilitate and guide each client to a place of better health, vitality and balance.

The naturopathic approach to nutrition particularly interested Jo as it comes from the principles of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

No two people are the same, so no treatment plan is the same for everyone. The naturopathic principles focus on “therapist as teacher”, i.e. the therapist teaches and empowers the client to take responsibility for their own health – awakening their health potential by guiding them to make the right choices based on their current situation.

From Thailand to Berlin to Brighton

Jo spent three years living and working at a wellness retreat in Thailand at The Spa Resorts, Koh Samui. As their Executive Health Consultant, she guided many people through supervised wellness programs and helped them to make healthier food and lifestyle choices for when they returned to their home countries. She also ran her nutrition consulting practice from there.

Jo then moved to Berlin, Germany, where she started running workshops until giving birth to her daughter in the Spring of 2012. She enjoyed a healthy and vibrant pregnancy and a non-medicated natural water birth, thanks to the wisdom of yoga and meditation and by following a healthy lifestyle. She has some great advice to offer regarding natural pregnancy, empowered birth experiences using yoga and breathing techniques, as well as being passionate about creating a healthy vibrant, conscious environment for her daughter.

Jo is also a certified hatha yoga and meditation teacher, including pre-natal yoga.

Jo now lives in Brighton, England. She loves dining out, being by the sea, enjoying quality time with family and friends, and being a conscious mama. Jo says a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance.

Jo is a member of BANT – British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.