About Jo Rowkins, Nutritional Therapist

I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in 2008 with The College of Naturopathic Medicine. I also got certified as a Hatha yoga and meditation teacher in an Indian ashram in 2003. I’ve travelled extensively, enjoying many different cultures and cuisines. I’m a daily meditator and an avid follower of many self development disciplines such as psychology, EFT and hypnotherapy, among others. 

From Thailand to Berlin to Brighton  I spent three years in Thailand working at The Spa Resorts, Koh Samui. As their Executive Health Consultant, I guided many people from around the world through wellness and fasting programmes. I also ran my consulting practice from there. I then moved to Berlin where I ran workshops until giving birth to my daughter in 2012. I enjoyed a healthy and vibrant pregnancy and a non-medicated water birth, thanks to the wisdom of yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation.

I now live in Brighton, England. I love dining out, being by the sea, singing, enjoying quality time with family and friends, and being a conscious mama. I’m passionate about aromatherapy and its wonderfully uplifting effect on my every day life. I enjoying swimming, sauna and jacuzzi time at a forest health club. Of course, I love cooking, food and healthy eating. I also adore a good red wine… a healthy lifestyle is all about finding balance. I‘m a member of BANT – British Association for Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Medicine.

My Approach

The naturopathic approach to nutrition particularly interested me as it comes from the principles of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. No two people are the same, as the factors that make each and every one of us tick are unique, so no treatment plan is the same for everyone. The naturopathic principles focus on “therapist as teacher”, i.e. the therapist teaches and empowers the client to take responsibility for their own health – awakening their health potential by guiding them to make the right choices based on their current situation.

I’m qualified to understand the biochemistry of many disease processes and imbalances and can shed light upon foods and habits that may be hindering healing, as well as those that may help a condition. I am passionate about functional and orthomolecular medicine and the profound effects they have on correcting imbalances in the body, instead of simply suppressing symptoms.

People often force themselves to make healthy choices, or get obsessed by a fad diet, without finding the balance in their lifestyles that they are actually seeking. I’m interested in exploring many aspects to guide my clients to a place of balance, connecting with the reasons behind their behaviours and becoming mindful, instead of on autopilot. Giving yourself the gift of undivided time to consult with a nutrition and health professional allows you to shed light on your own habits, needs and health goals, and I enjoy facilitating that process for my clients, being able to guide them to a place of better health, vitality and balance. I enjoy incorporating lifestyle medicine into my work for a truly holistic approach.

It's All About Balance

I believe in a healthy, relaxed attitude to food. Balanced, intuitive eating focused on whole foods that make you feel good. I will help you become more mindful so that you can find the balance you are looking for. I’m interested in exploring different factors, such as stress levels, emotional wellbeing or relationships, all which have a powerful role in wellness. Your sleep, thoughts and self talk, as well as the foods you eat and the supplements you take all have a profound effect on your health. Becoming mindful and connecting with the reasons behind your behaviours is very powerful.

Self care plays an important role in my way of working. Lifestyle factors that address stress, slow us down and help us deeply relax are crucial in our quest for wellness. The nervous system has two branches – fight/flight and rest/digest. In our busy modern lifestyles, fight/flight can dominate, meaning rest/digest is compromised. Rest/digest is where all the magic happens on your health journey – the place where nourishment and healing takes place. I will strive to help you find your own balance, so that your body can effectively work its own magic.

I also believe that path to health involves reducing your body’s toxic burden, which may be making a condition worse. Gentle self care and detox processes can be an effective way to kick-start the body’s healing responses. I strongly believe that Nutritional Therapy and lifestyle medicine are first line treatments when imbalances have occurred or disease processes have set-in, and can set you on the path back to health, as well as being a powerfully preventative, keeping you well, vibrant and mindful on your own health journey.