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bowl of vegetable salad and sliced fruits

The Role of Nutrition in a Perimenopause Diet

Perimenopause, a significant transitional phase leading up to menopause, brings various physical and emotional changes. Hormonal fluctuations during this time can cause irregular menstrual cycles, hot flushes, mood swings and disrupted sleep patterns, impacting a woman’s overall well-being. A perimenopause diet plays an important role in managing these uncomfortable symptoms. Emotional and Physical Effects of …

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5 Enjoyable Habits That Boost Your Health

We all know that stress is detrimental to our wellbeing and plays a significant role in ill health. If stress depletes our health and vitality, it makes sense to say that fun, laughter and enjoying life are crucial for boosting our health, in particular increasing immune function and protecting us against infection. Here are 5 …

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Salmon Avocado Boats

This is currently one of my favourite go-to lunches. It’s quick, easy and very delicious. Packed with protein and healthy fats, this low carb lunch will keep you full for hours. Eating a lunch like this will keep your blood sugar levels balanced, so you can wave goodbye to afternoon slumps and sugar cravings. This …

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