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Salmon Avocado Boats

This is currently one of my favourite go-to lunches. It’s quick, easy and very delicious. Packed with protein and healthy fats, this low carb lunch will keep you full for hours. Eating a lunch like this will keep your blood sugar levels balanced, so you can wave goodbye to afternoon slumps and sugar cravings. This …

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Raw Chocolate, Cherry & Almond Fudge Bites

These little cherry-filled bites are very easy and quick to make. They contain no added sugar, good-for-you cacao and they make an idea gift! Ingredients: Method: Consult with Jo privately to get bespoke advice for your own health journey Join our Perimenopause Programme to support your hormonal transition

Tofu And Miso Salad

Protein-rich tofu cooked in a tamari, garlic and miso glaze, served with a crisp and crunchy asparagus and beansprout salad. The perfect combo of protein, veggies and fats for a light, yet satisfying meal. Always use organic tofu as conventionally-grown soya is usually a highly sprayed crop. Tofu is a good source of phytoestrogens that …

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PMS and Hormonal Health. Ways to Support Yourself

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) affects approx 80% of women to varying degrees during the 7-14 days before their period begins.The female body is constantly changing throughout the menstrual cycle and many of us are aware of different feelings, mood and needs at different times of the month. What Are The Reasons For Your PMS? Hormonal imbalance …

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Oestrogen. It’s All About Balance.

Hormone balance is the cornerstone of a women’s health. Unfortunately, due to our modern environment and busy lifestyles, maintaining a natural balance has become difficult. One of the main hormones that is directly impacted by this is oestrogen. The female body is a complex system of several hormones working in synergy, effecting behaviour, moods and …

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