Focus on Food

How To Eat An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Acute inflammation shows up when you injure yourself, such as spraining your ankle or being stung by a bee, however did you know that systemic, chronic inflammation in your body is the driver of many degenerative health conditions, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease? Processed foods, sugar, refined, white carbohydrates and trans fats are the […]

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How low can you go? The basics of low carb eating

There are many benefits of a low carb diet, particularly for certain conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances and weight gain, but exactly what is low carb eating and how low can you go? Current official dietary guidelines recommend you eat at least 250g of carbohydrates a day from sources like bread, pasta, rice and cereals, […]

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The ketogenic diet in a nutshell

The keto diet is currently receiving a lot of attention in medical and nutritional circles. You may have heard of the term ketogenic diet, or the words ketone bodies, but you’re not sure exactly what they are. What does it mean to be ketogenic and what does it take to get into nutritional ketosis? Keto in a nutshell A ketogenic […]

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Food addictions and how to overcome them

I want to talk about the emotions behind our food and drink choices. What drives us to eat the things we eat? Why do we get addicted to food or drink? What emotions are we trying to deal with as we reach for a comforting glass of wine or a soothing sugary snack? Are our […]

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Detoxing and why you should do it

Detoxing is getting a lot of press these days. With the increasing presence of additives, intensive farming and unnatural modifications being made to our food, including the toxins we ingest and are surrounded by (sugar, transfats, alcohol, smoke, pollution, etc.), it’s no wonder detoxing is so popular. Many people turn to cleanses to give their […]

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Can you eat 10 a day?

According to the latest study from Imperial College London, we should be consuming ten portions of fruit and veg per day, and that upping our intake could prevent almost 8 million deaths worldwide per year. It’s estimated that 80% of people are not managing to eat their 5-a-day, so if you’re wondering how you can […]

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