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What is self care?

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“Self care” is a popular phrase you’ll have heard a lot recently, especially since the challenges of Covid. I use the term self care in my own website and socials as it’s a key concept in nutritional and lifestyle medicine, but what exactly is self care? I often get asked this question by busy clients […]

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15 Ways To Support Your Liver

Life today exposes us to an array of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis making it almost impossible to live a toxin-free life. There are ways however to reduce your exposure to toxins and support your liver. Your liver needs many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to function properly, and […]

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How To Eat An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Acute inflammation shows up when you injure yourself, such as spraining your ankle or being stung by a bee, however did you know that systemic, chronic inflammation in your body is the driver of many degenerative health conditions, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease? Processed foods, sugar, refined, white carbohydrates and trans fats are the […]

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Which foods really boost your libido?

Bananas and cucumbers may stir certain anatomical associations in your mind, but which foods really boost your libido? Think of foods that tantalise the taste buds and stimulate the senses. Juicy peaches, ripe bananas, slippery oysters, succulent strawberries and the delightful experience of slowly undressing sweet lychees, revealing their sensual softness within. Avocados and figs, […]

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The quest for the fountain of youth

From the Mayfly to the magnificent oak, it’s a fact, everything in nature ages. Longevity of course, is relative. The Mayfly lives for just one day and the oak lives for decades. Each unique life form has its own healthy lifespan and that of humans is increasing. We have an aging population suffering from all […]

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Detoxing and why you should do it

Detoxing is getting a lot of press these days. With the increasing presence of additives, intensive farming and unnatural modifications being made to our food, including the toxins we ingest and are surrounded by (sugar, transfats, alcohol, smoke, pollution, etc.), it’s no wonder detoxing is so popular. Many people turn to cleanses to give their […]

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What your body needs to be healthy

Deep inside our bodies are the cells themselves, each one of them a complex factory working around the clock to perform the necessary functions to keep us alive and well. How you treat them matters. I love eating a natural diet packed with lots of fresh, wholesome food and as a result I can hear an […]

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