Health Conditions

What your body needs to be healthy

Deep inside our bodies are the cells themselves, each one of them a complex factory working around the clock to perform the necessary functions to keep us alive and well. How you treat them matters. I love eating a natural diet packed with lots of fresh, wholesome food and as a result I can hear an […]

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What is wellness?

Most people decide to see a health practitioner, such as a nutritional therapist, when they are unwell. Often this is a last resort, because their doctor has been unsuccessful in treating their health issues, so they decide to take a different approach. Many people’s concept of health care, is that they seek professional help when […]

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What’s the skinny on fat?

Forget how much you weigh, it’s your body composition that counts. Looking at your fat and lean muscle mass is the best way of defining how “in shape” you actually are. It’s a common assumption that people who are thin are healthier. This is a myth. At a seemingly healthy weight, you may in fact […]

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Fun and frolics to boost your immune system

We all know that stress is detrimental to our wellbeing and plays a significant role in ill health. If stress depletes our health and vitality, it makes sense to say that fun, laughter and enjoying life are crucial for boosting our health, in particular increasing immune function and protecting us against infection. Here are 6 […]

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Beat the blues with bananas

Do you often feel sad, de-motivated or have mood swings? You may need to start eating more of the right type of foods to support your brain chemistry. Mood foods provide the body with the nutrients it needs to enhance your feel-good neurotransmitters. When you are low in brain chemicals, you may begin to crave […]

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia. How nutrition can help.

Current statistics say that three in ten people over the age of 70 will suffer from significant mental decline. In Europe, 1 million people develop memory impairment each year, of which half of them are then later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   In America the disease affects over 5 million people, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. […]

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