How To Eat An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Acute inflammation shows up when you injure yourself, such as spraining your ankle or being stung by a bee, however did you know that systemic, chronic inflammation in your body is the driver of many degenerative health conditions, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease? Processed foods, sugar, refined, white carbohydrates and trans fats are the …

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Low carb eating and why it’s good for you.

Back when we lived in nature as hunter gatherers there was a limited supply of carbohydrate-rich foods. We hunted wild animals, caught fresh fish and foraged for green leafy vegetables, berries and nuts. There was no bread, pasta, grains or refined sugar. It’s interesting to look back on that period called Paleolithic, as it gives …

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Green Tea Juice

Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants to protect cellular function, boost immunity and encourage healthy ageing. Combined with wheatgrass and maca, this juice will give you a boost from the inside out. Ingredients 300ml green tea Juice 1/2 lemon 1 tsp pea protein powder 1 tsp wheatgrass powder 1 tsp maca powder Ice …

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