Let the sunshine in. A focus on vitamin D

We’ve been told for years to avoid the sunlight and slather on chemical sunscreens to avoid the “damaging effects of UV radiation”. Now however, the viewpoint is beginning to change. Recent research shows that the suns rays actually do more good than harm. Recent studies underly the importance of vitamin D for optimum health but […]

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Antioxidant foods – make your plate a rainbow

Antioxidants are substances that protect the cells of the body from free radical damage, boost the immune system and prevent premature aging. Plants contain a vast array of antioxidants beneficial for optimum human health and each different plant pigment contains a different beneficial phytochemical, so eat as many different colours of fresh fruits and vegetables […]

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Yoga – why it’s good for you

Yoga works the entire system. All major muscle groups are worked, the internal organs are massaged due to the different postures, the nervous system is calmed and the mind is allowed to rest. Different postures have different benefits, for example, the Shoulderstand is beneficial to the thyroid gland as well as encouraging efficient blood flow […]

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