LCHF & Keto

Sesame & Miso Crusted Salmon with Garlic Greens

Wild salmon is a great source of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats and tastes great cooked Asian-style with soy sauce, garlic and tahini. I always add fresh green chillies too, and sometimes fresh ginger. Use whatever health-boosting ingredients you have. One of my favourite combos is tahini and soy sauce and a scattering of sesame seeds. […]

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Green Keto Smoothie

We all know that guzzling down fruit juice is not good for health, so using green veggies instead for juicing is preferable. Here I’ve juiced some veggies and then blended them with basil, avocado and spirulina for a green drink that really packs a health punch, and will flood your body with nutrients to keep […]

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Turmeric Slaw

I love this simple dish. I make it every few days and keep some in the fridge ready to add to salads or alongside fish. You can make it with olive oil and vinegar, or quality mayo depending on your tastes and dietary preferences. If you’re following a LCHF or keto diet, you can crank […]

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Intermittent Fasting And Why You Might Choose To Do It

“Intermittent fasting” was the number one diet-related Google search of 2019. You’ve probably heard about it and it’s likely you know somebody that does it, but do you know what it is and why it’s so popular? What is intermittent fasting? It’s an eating schedule that focuses on giving your body an extended period of […]

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How low can you go? The basics of low carb eating

There are many benefits of a low carb diet, particularly for certain conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances and weight gain, but exactly what is low carb eating and how low can you go? Current official dietary guidelines recommend you eat at least 250g of carbohydrates a day from sources like bread, pasta, rice and cereals, […]

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The ketogenic diet in a nutshell

The keto diet is currently receiving a lot of attention in medical and nutritional circles. You may have heard of the term ketogenic diet, or the words ketone bodies, but you’re not sure exactly what they are. What does it mean to be ketogenic and what does it take to get into nutritional ketosis? Keto in a nutshell A ketogenic […]

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