Simple roasted vegetables

Making your plate a rainbow can be easy. Take a selection of colourful vegetables, drizzle with quality olive oil and slowly roast. Perfect hot and delicious cold as part of a salad.   Slowly roast any combination of: Onions, garlic cloves (can leave skin on for a smooth, creamy taste), courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), cherry […]

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Wonderful greens

Eating your greens doesn’t have to be boring. Forget soggy cabbage and over-boiled Brussel’s sprouts… use the following basic recipe to add some leafy greens to any meal.   Simply serve them as a side dish or make them into a main meal, leafy greens, such as pak choi, Chinese greens, morning glory, kale, spring […]

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Packs a protein punch. Wonderful with raw vegetable sticks for a quick, healthy snack. Hummus and celery satisfies salt cravings!   Ingredients Chickpeas (raw and slightly sprouted, freshly soaked and cooked, or canned) 2 garlic cloves Juice ½ lemon 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 dessertspoons tahini paste A sprinkle of paprika Method   Simply whizz […]

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Guacamole is a winner. Jam packed with essential fatty acids, to balance hormones responsible for weight loss.   Avocado is delicious, satisfying and nourishing. It’s great for the skin too. Mash up your guacamole today and snack away on fresh, raw veggie sticks. An easy way to increase your fresh vegetable intake.   Ingredients 1 […]

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Basic green smoothie

Getting your greens in a glass. The perfect way to boost your health on  a daily basis. Easy, delicious and awesomely nutritious!     The basic green smoothie recipe consists of: A handful of green leafy vegetables Some soft fruit, such as mango or pineapple A banana Water to blend Simply pop everything in a blender […]

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