Free Resources

Plant Based Skin Health Plan

A 7 day nutrition plan to support skin health, packed with antioxidants, zinc and phytochemicals to feed your skin from within. Wave goodbye to acne and eczema!

Perimenopause Plan 7 Days

Recipes to keep your blood sugar levels stable, address your symptoms and nourish you on a deep level. Feel so much better knowing how to eat to support your hormonal transition

PMS and Hormonal Health

A short guide to learn how to support your hormones, and a handy guide to making each day of your cycle work for you. Give the tips a try and see how good you can feel

Relaxed Paleo 7 Days

Feel lighter and fresher in 7 days. Give our easy relaxed Paleo recipes a try. Most people feel so much better when they minimise wheat, grains, sugar and processed foods. 

Keto 7 Day Meal Plan

Want to get started on a keto plan? Download our easy meal plan with 7 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and shopping list. Everything done for you!

Healthy Sweet Treats

Who said treats can’t be healthy? Get off that dreaded blood sugar rollercoaster with recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth that are actually good for you!