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Are you ready to take the path to better health?

You may be looking for sustainable weight loss, balanced hormones, improved digestion, clearer skin, or you may be wishing to address a specific health issue. Maybe you struggle with low energy and less than optimum health? You've come to the right place!

Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT, Nutritional Therapist

I love what I do! I have over ten years experience consulting with clients from around the world with a variety of health conditions. I now enjoy seeing clients in Brighton, London and via Zoom, and running online courses.

What can I do for you?

I work to inspire my clients to find their own balance, boost their energy and improve their health. I work with my clients to find out what’s best for them

Who do I work with?

Women of all ages for hormonal balance, men and women in business who are high acheivers and need to function at their best, people who wish to prevent decline with ageing, those who are feeling stressed or run down and people who wish to eat healthily, lose weight and feel more vibrant. Everyone eats, so nutritional therapy can benefit everyone!

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Donna, Hong Kong

“I met Jo at a detox spa in Thailand. Back then I was living the high life as an expat in HK. I needed The Spa to reset my unhealthy lifestyle, but would always slip back to my old ways upon my return! I finally started consulting with Jo to find some balance. It was the best investment I could have made! She helped me learn to nourish myself through food and self care practices. I began to understand the biochemistry of my cravings and that it wasn’t my willpower! I lost the stubborn 4 kilos that I had been carrying and I’ve stayed on the healthy, balanced path. I sleep better, have plenty of energy and don’t rely on the sugar, coffee and booze! I now indulge mindfully! 

Gemma, Brighton

Jo is organised and clear. I went for the Gold package as I knew I would need extra support and I liked the idea of check-in calls (so I wouldn’t cheat!) Jo had sent me some interesting questionnaires to fill-in and we worked through them during the first session. Jo really knows her stuff and I was really impressed with the level of professionalism and care. Her approach is really holistic and takes in the full picture of who you are.

I immediately took Jo’s advice on board. I was directed to amazing resources, I understood the biology behind the diet and I felt very in control. I steadily lost weight, losing 20 pounds in 4 months, which was easy, natural and actually fun! I love my new diet! I feel happy, calm, energetic, stable and grounded. Who knew what you ate could affect our bodies to that extent.

We spoke about hormone balancing, mood regulation and weight loss and these three goals have been met and more. I’m so glad that I gave Jo a call and listened to the recommendation of my friend. Thank you Jo!!

Jessica, Canada

“I consulted with Jo during 2020 lockdown as I was feeling demotivated, sluggish and felt I had lost direction. Through healthy eating and Jo keeping me on track, I began to feel energised and happy again. The food you eat and the way you take care of yourself make a huge difference to how you feel. Thank you Jo for you expertise, patience and guidance at this challenging time 

Jane, Brighton

“I came to see Jo with an array of symptoms, especially peri-menopausal related issues. Through commiting to her Gold package I was able to make the nutrition and lifestyle changes I needed whilst being coached and guided by Jo all the way. I am now feeling in control of my symptoms, weight and have gained a zest for life again!”

Nick, London

“A lifestyle mix of rich food, booze, stress and inconsistent sleep had left me feeling fatigued, experiencing digestive problems and generally not at my best. I was determined to get my health back on track and I sought Jo’s help in achieving that goal. Jo was highly professional and clearly well educated on nutrition from both a scientific and more holistic / spiritual point of view, which gave her a great balanced perspective. We identified what the most likely causal factors of my health complaints were, and then Jo gave me a clear road map of what kind of foods and supplements I needed in order to get healthier.”

John, Ditchling

“I am forever grateful to Jo for helping me get through a period of stress in my life. I was running on empty working all hours under the sun. She ran adrenal testing on me and it transpired that my adrenal function was below par. With the help of Jo’s advice I completely changed my diet, took supplements to support my body’s stress response and learnt to deeply relax. I signed up for Jo’s Platinum package knowing that I needed a superior level of support to get my health back on track. Jo even taught me meditation and breathing techniques. I now have a great work/life balance and am feeling wonderful. Thank you Jo!”

Joy, Brighton

“Jo helped me to increase my fertility as my partner & I had been trying for a baby for a couple of years. The first consultation was very thorough and she pin-pointed some issues that we hadn’t considered. We came to Jo as a last resort, but now we realise that nutrition and lifestyle medicine plays a first line role in any health issue. We underwent a wonderful weekend detox/pamper where we spent quality time looking after ourselves under Jo’s instruction. She then helped our bodily systems work efficiently by putting us on targeted supplements for our individual health complaints. After investing in Jo’s Gold package we were delighted with the results… I’m now pregnant and we are healthier than we’ve ever been!”

Beverly, Singapore

“Through the efforts of Jo’s nutritional tips, my energy levels have increased, and my blood sugar levels have decreased – and best of all I’m enjoying eating again without gaining weight! I have lost 20 pounds and have eliminated the need for my Prozac! I am very pleased with my new outlook on eating healthily with choices. I don’t gain weight, never feel hungry, and don’t crave the things I used to such as chips and chocolate, coffee and wine.” 

Sushila, London

“Jo is an extremely knowledgeable and caring person and she is the best nutritionist I have ever seen. I was suffering from intense and frequent sugar cravings but after following her advice I have that under control. She is an absolute mine of information and she has given me many tips and recipes that make my diet so much better. She told me things which I had never known before and thanks to her I am having an allergy test as well as a candida and parasite test done in order to eliminate or confirm various possible causes of my many symptoms.”

Health programmes and services

I work with clients using programmes typically 12 weeks in length, with different options for private consultations and contact, depending on the intensity of help you need. This way of working gets results that last.

Bespoke health plans

To support a wide range of conditions from weight loss to long-term chronic conditions.

Full support

We’ll work at your pace to get the results you’re looking for.

Accountability and motivation

You’re not alone. We’ll figure out what you need and make sure you do it!

Get your glow back

Reset your metabolism, improve your health, feel great. 

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How it works

Packages are recommended as opposed to one off sessions because working through specific health issues and unravelling imbalances takes time. Nutritional and lifestyle medicine takes committment and a willingness to make changes. Packages allow you to be supported and coached throughout the process rather than leaving you to go it alone. You'll be sent a nutrition questionnaire and food diary to be filled in before your first consultation.

What you get:

  • Initial 90 minute consultation (can be done via Zoom)
  • Follow-up appointments 45 minutes (can be via Zoom)
  • 20 minute telephone check-ins (frequency dependant on package you choose)
  • Detailed written nutritional treatment plan, including lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Email support
  • 12 weeks of support (recommended for complex health issues)
  • Functional testing where appropriate (additional cost)

We can discuss your needs in detail during your free telephone call. Everyone is different, so I'll be happy to hear from you to see how I can help you.

  • Initial consultation
  • 1 follow-up
  • 2 telephone check-ins
  • Email support


  • Initial consultation
  • 2 follow-ups
  • 3 telephone check-ins
  • Email support


  • Initial consultation
  • 3 follow-ups
  • Weekly telephone check-ins
  • Email support

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Discover how good you can feel

Make the transition to healthier eating and feel great every day. Achieve your health goals and create changes that last.

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Consultations in Brighton or London

Brighton & Hove Clinic: Hove Therapy Rooms, 69 Church Road, Hove. BN3 2BB

London Clinic: Clapham Therapy Rooms, 76A Battersea Rise, SW11 1EH

(Online & phone consultations can also be arranged)

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