Online nutrition consultation

Are you ready to take the path to better health?

You may be looking for healthy weight loss, improved digestion or balanced hormones. Or you may wish to address a specific health issue, like IBS or eczema. Maybe you simply desire more energy and vitality and to learn about optimum nutrition.

Nutritional therapy can effectively address underlying imbalances in the bodily systems, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.

Nutritional therapy works to enhance the biochemical processes of the body to help it function more efficiently.

Jo Rowkins, nutritional therapist, works to inspire her clients to a place of better health by finding their own balance. She does not follow a particular nutrition concept, such as raw or vegan, but works with the client to find out what’s best for them.

About the online consultation

Online sessions can take place via, a secure online consultation portal, or via Skype.

Jo will compile and email you a personalised nutrition plan as part of the cost.

Before the session, you’ll be emailed a nutrition questionnaire that Jo will use to gather a detailed case history from you.

Please email it back to us before your appointment.

Tailormade plans

No two people are the same. The plan is worked out with your own priorities and abilities in mind, to fit in with your lifestyle.

Nutritional therapy is not about forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do, but rather guiding you to a place of understanding, and motivating you to make healthier choices based upon your current needs.

Choose your package

You may choose a package of consultations to keep you committed to your health path. It’s recommended that you have a follow-up session about 4 weeks later, or sooner depending on your needs. For weight loss, weekly sessions are best.


Initial consultation £60 , follow-up £45.

Packages are more cost-effective and allow you to commit to a treatment plan over time:

Initial consultation + 1 follow-up £100

Initial consultation + 3 follow-ups £180

3 follow-ups £120,  (or £40 each as you add more on)

Jo offers a free 10 minute telephone chat before booking to discuss your requirements.

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