Perimenopause Programme

Nutrition and self care to support your hormonal transition

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Are you feeling run down, stressed and fed-up? 

Do you just not feel like yourself anymore? 

Do you have uncomfortable symptoms like weight gain, hot flushes and anxiety? 

Are you struggling with cravings and energy dips, brain fog and insomnia?  

Would you like to know how to eat to deeply support your biochemistry at this special time in your life? 

Would you like to commit to radical self care to feel good again? 

Would you like to be supported and nurtured and held in a safe space with other women who can cheer you on?

You’ve come to the right place!


Comprehensive Plan

Recipes and self care practices to support your hormonal transition and address symptoms.

Full Support

You’ll get daily motivational emails and Jo will support you via a private group. 

Accountability & Motivation

You’re not alone. Be part of a supportive community of women. Stay in the group ongoing.

How It Works

Your perimenopause journey may last up to 10 years. Whether you're wishing to start supporting your body early to ensure a smooth transition down the line, or whether you're already experiencing symptoms, this programme is very beneficial as it supports your body's biochemistry on a deep level, supporting your hormones at this time, and addressing symptoms such as stubborn fat around the middle, cravings, low energy, mood swings and more.

Meet Your Host
Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT, Nutritional Therapist

I’m honoured to have you here visiting my website. 

I love what I do! I have over ten years experience consulting with women from around the world for hormonal balance. In the picture I’m drinking a ‘liver flush’ drink at a health spa in Thailand, not a sugary cocktail! Saying that, my way of working is all about finding balance, connecting with the reasons behind our actions and learning how to mindfully indulge!

Our perimenopausal transition is a time for deep self care and nourishment, and I’ll show you how to do that in an enjoyable and non-pressured way!

This programme is an accumulation of many years of private clinical work in my nutritional therapy practice. I know it works because I’ve put hundreds of women through this protocol.

I can help you navigate your way on your own hormonal transition, for a smooth, vibrant, calm and mindfully nourishing journey ahead. 

I look forward to facilitating this journey with you.

Joining In

Upon purchase you'll be sent the full programme with access to the private Facebook group. Your daily emails will start a couple of days after purchase to give you time to prepare. Join anytime! Join with a friend for extra motivation and accountability.

The cost: was £55, now £33
*End of year offer*

What You Get:

perimenopause diet

Invest In Yourself

Your health is your most important investment.

Join Our Community

I have a lovely growing community of women who are following the Perimenopause Programme as a kick-start for longer-term hormonal support. We use nutrition alongside self care practices to deeply support our bodies. The programme includes lifetime access to a private Facebook group so that we can all support each other and continue being accountable and cheering each other on. It's a supportive, non-judgemental loving space. You get to dive deeper into the biochemistry of your symptoms and learn how to support yourself going forward.

Your Wellness Path

I'm honoured to have you here visiting my website, and I hope you'll consider joining our community. Our wellness journeys are ongoing, it's not a quick fix! I can help you navigate your way on your own transition for a smooth, vibrant, calm and mindfully nourishing journey ahead.

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