“I had a consultation with Jo during a detox trip to Koh Samui in Thailand in summer 2008. Like a lot of guests, a lifestyle mix of rich food, booze, stress and inconsistent sleep had left me feeling fatigued, experiencing digestive problems and generally not at my best. I was determined to get my health back on track and I sought Jo’s help in achieving that goal. Jo was highly professional and clearly well educated on nutrition from both a scientific and more holistic / spiritual point of view, which gave her a great balanced perspective. We identified what the most likely causal factors of my health complaints were, and then Jo gave me a clear road map of what kind of foods and supplements I needed in order to get healthier. Nick, London.

“Through the efforts of Jo’s nutritional tips, my energy levels have increased, and my blood sugar levels have decreased – and best of all I’m enjoying eating again without gaining weight! I have lost 20 pounds and have eliminated the need for my Prozac! I am very pleased with my new outlook on eating healthily with choices. The biggest change is my eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones. Even with eating 6 times instead of 3, I don’t gain weight! And never feel hungry, and don’t crave the things I used to such as chips and chocolate, coffee and wine.” – Beverly, Singapore.

“Jo has a lovely warm manner and a way of making a person feel totally at ease and very comfortable discussing details of one’s health” – Fiona, Brighton, England.

“Jo is an extremely knowledgeable and caring person and she is the best nutritionist I have ever seen. I was suffering from intense and frequent sugar cravings but after  following her advice I seem to have that under control. She is an absolute mine of information and she has given me many tips and recipes that make my diet so much better. She told me things which I had never known before and thanks to her I am having an allergy test as well as a candida and parasite test done in order to eliminate or confirm various possible causes of my many symptoms.  I still have a long way to go but thanks to Jo I am on the path to better nutrition. I am waiting for her to return to Brighton so that I can see her. My daughter wants to see her as well.” – Sushila, London.

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