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Testimonials for the 30 Day Online Weight Loss Program

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Jody, New Zealand

Well, I had a really fantastic result for the last 30 days. I’ve lost 4.4kgs, but more importantly 9.5cm off my waist, 4.5cm off my bum, 5cm off my hips, 4.5cm off my thighs, 3.5cm off my chest and 3cm off my arms. When I hold the tape measure at my original measurement that I took at the start of the month, it really highlights how much mass I have lost. Huge. I’m feeling so much better, bouncing out of bed, not craving sugar, wheat, dairy etc. Not even craving wine. Have stopped drinking caffeinated coffee. And I exercise or move (walk etc) every day. Feel like I’ve turned a corner and really looking forward to continuing on next month and turning the good work into lifestyle (as well as getting rid of the next layer of unwanted fat). THANKS! And big hugs from our side of the world. Xx”

Nina, Brighton, England

“I’m on holiday and feeling great and I just want to thank Jo Rowkins at Awakening Health for being instrumental in this. I followed her 30 day nutrition program and am half a stone lighter and 3 inches smaller round the waist for it. I consider my diet to be pretty healthy but the busy first half of the year combined with my penchant for puddings and good wine meant that I still hadn’t shifted the last of the baby weight and a year on, I wasn’t happy about that. I have leaned so much about nutrition from this passionate practitioner and I feel like the information and support she has given me will have a lasting effect on my diet. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this program. I felt like I was living in a body I didn’t recognises and I could have just learned to live with it but I feel so much better being back to my old self – nearly! Thanks, Jo xx”

Dawn, Brighton, England

“My total loss around my waist was 5 inches, bum and legs 2 inches. Kilos lost 2kg. I am feeling so much better and am now in the routine of regular running and exercising, healthy eating and a more balanced day to day living. Thanks so much Jo Rowkins. I have really enjoyed it, learnt some new recipes – will continue with this way of eating.”

Adi, Brighton, England

I have had a major detox this month. I followed a programme created by my colleague, nutritionist Jo Rowkins and cut my grain intake down to just 50g a day. I also stopped eating sugar and dairy. It has been a completely life changing experience, and I have seen a massive change in my digestion, body shape and energy levels. Jo is running the programme every month and I highly recommend it if you want to lose weight, feel healthier and have more energy.”

Nikki, New Zealand

I have noticed I have way more willpower than I thought I could have when it comes to food choices. And feel like I have way more control over my life as a consequence.”

Caroline, Brighton, England

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jo Rowkins for her amazing 30 day weight loss program . I followed it majority of the time time except for a few boozy weekends but still managed to lose a good 7 lbs and a few inches off my waist. For me it was more about feeling better in myself and getting my energy back and just trying to get rid of those sugar cravings. I couldn’t recommend this enough – it is only for 30 days and Jo sends you an email every day to tell you about what is going on in your body and why you feel those cravings. Even if you don’t have much weight to lose DO THIS you will feel amazing! Anyone looking for a fab nutritionist Jo Rowkins is your woman.”

Ruth, Sheffield, England

“I cannot rate Jo Rowkins and her 30 Day Online Weight Loss Program high enough!  After suffering from post-viral fatigue syndrome these past couple of years and hormonal issues, I was at rock bottom until I began the programme.  Not only have I lost 2 stone in 2 months, but am also full of vitality after feeling exhausted for so long. I no longer crave sugar, dairy or wheat and look forward to my daily smoothies and protein fixes and exercising at the gym. I found the programme incredibly easy to stick to and never felt hungry once. But it’s more than just about weight loss, it’s a long term approach to your relationship with food and lifestyle choices. Jo, too, is incredibly knowledgable and supportive.  Thank you so much!” 

Jenny, Brighton, England

“Planning to keep eating this way most days with treats at the weekend. I am feeling lighter and healthier and my clothes are fitting me better (less muffin top!). I’ve lost about 4 pounds and a few cms from the problem areas. I’ll definitley try to eat less wheat and dairy as I feel healthier without them. Thanks Jo for guiding us all through this.”

Vanessa, Brighton, England

“Def trimmer. Have lost 2″ from my waist and 9lb. Amazing! Will sign up again in the new year. Thanks Jo for your great support.”

Todd, London, England

“I just want to say thanks for the program, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am a lot healthier too. Although I didn’t do measurements I did weigh myself and I have lost another kg, I guess I’m consistent. My clothes are looser, I’m using another notch on my belt, I’m exercising more, I don’t get reflux anymore. All in all I feel more in control of my health. Thank you. Todd

Ali, Brighton, England

“I joined Jo’s healthy eating programme not to lose weight but to aim to eat more healthily. I would say I eat a good balanced diet but I tend to eat a lot of snacks and chocolate (my downfall). With Jo’s encouragement, expert knowledge on nutrition within daily emails I was able to substitute the chocolate and snacking for other recipes and healthy food ideas that Jo gave us. I managed this for a whole month. Being in a group definitely gave me the motivation and encouragement to stick with it. As a result I slept better, lost my fuzzy brain, had more energy and even began to lose my menopause symptoms! I would definitely recommend Jo’s programme to anyone wanting to switch to a healthier diet / lifestyle and wanting to gain more energy using straight forward easy recipes and ideas to switch from unhealthy eating habits to healthy habits.”

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