The Awakening Health Manifesto

We believe in a healthy, relaxed attitude to food. Balanced, intuitive eating, focused on whole foods that make us feel good. 

Here at Awakening Health we believe that finding balance is the key to abundant health and vitality. We aim to give you healthy inspiration for finding your own balance.

People often force themselves to make healthy choices, or get obsessed by a fad diet, without finding the balance in their lifestyles that they are actually seeking.

We are interested in exploring many aspects involved in a healthy lifestyle, whether that be our food choices, stress level, emotional wellbeing or relationships. Connecting with the reasons behind our behaviours if very powerful.

Many things can be part of a healthy lifestyle, if used in a balanced way. No two people are the same, as the factors that make each and every one of us tick are unique. We aim to facilitate and guide each client to a place of better health, vitality and balance.

Many imbalances and health conditions can be treated with nutritional therapy by providing the body with the building blocks it requires to perform its everyday functions, and correct underlying imbalances, rather than just dampen down symptoms.

We believe that the path to health also involves reducing the body’s toxic burden, which may be making a condition worse. Gentle detox processes are an effective way to kick-start the body’s healing responses.

When imbalances have occurred or disease processes have set-in, nutritional therapy can begin to set you on the path back to health.